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Animal Control & Impound

The City of Sweeny Animal Control Services are provided through the Public Works Department and through the Police Department.  City Ordinance No. 103-87, passed in 1987, established the rules and regulations concerning the keeping of animals within the City of Sweeny.  The ordinance also provides for the following:
  • Definition of Animal and Other Terms
  • Provides for Impoundment
  • Provides for Fees and Charges
  • Prohibits Nuisances
  • Prohibits the Keeping of Certain Animals within the City
  • Regulates the Keeping of Livestock, Fowl, and Rabbits
  • Requires Sanitary Conditions to be Maintained
  • Provides for the Disposition of Impounded Animals
  • Provides for the Quarantine of Animals
  • Provides a Penalty for Non-Compliance and Other Violations
On June 18, 2002, City Ordinance No. 101-02 was passed which amended he definition of “Running at Large” and fines associated with “Running at Large” violations.

The City of Sweeny has amended Chapter 95 of the Animal Ordinance.   City Council adopted the below amendment at the November Regular Session.  This amendment was adopted in efforts to help control the City's feral cat population.  Having your pets wear a collar and/or harness with tags will help staff to differentiate between pets and strays. Please see the amendment and new requirements below. 

   (A)   It shall be unlawful for any owner of any dog, cat or other domesticated animal capable of transmitting rabies to human beings or other animals, to keep, own, possess, harbor or allow said animal to remain on a premises under the owner’s control, unless the dog, cat or other domesticate animals, for which a USDA approved vaccine exists, meets the following requirements:
      (1)   The dog, cat or other domesticated animal has a current, valid rabies vaccination certificate;
      (2)   The dog, cat or other domesticated animal is wearing a collar or other harness;
      (3)   A tag showing proof of vaccination is attached to the collar.
(Ord. 102-15, passed 12-16-14; Am. Ord. 23-110, passed 11-15-23) Penalty, see § 10.99

01/2022 Legal Update: 
"Dog tethering" Texas Senate Bill 5 is in effect as of January 18, 2022.
87(3) SB 5 - Enrolled version - Bill Text (

On March 20, 2018, City Council approved a measure to discontinue assisting residents with the trapping of animals (cats, raccoons, opossums, etc.). This includes the issuing of traps as well as picking up animals trapped by residents by their own devices/traps.  Residents are advised to release trapped animals themselves or to contact a pest control company for assistance.