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Permits & Inspections

Permit Applications, Guidelines, and Additional Information can be found BELOW.  For further information or to apply for permits, email completed applications to     

INSPECTIONS SCHEDULE---Please Read Carefully/ Newly Updated 02/2023
All inspection requests must be scheduled with the permitting clerk the day prior in order to be scheduled. All inspection requests received after 4 p.m. will be scheduled for the next available date.  Please plan jobs and permit acquisitions accordingly. 
Upon completion of the inspection a green sticker will be left for an approved inspection and a red sticker will be left for an unapproved inspection with a list of the corrections needed. 
Cancellations can be requested up until 2 hours prior to the inspection time by calling 979 548 3321. Once the inspection is made any re-inspection fees, if applicable, will be required to be paid before additional inspections can be requested. 

DO I NEED A PERMIT  see information on a shortened scope of those jobs that require permits.  Please contact the Permits Department for more information and specific requirements.
VENDORSsee information on a shortened scope of those selling merchandise or food related items within city limits and the requirements of state, county, and/or city permits.  Please contact the Permits Department for more information and specific requirements.  Temporary and Annual Mobile Food Unit Permit Applications can be found below. 

Ord. 22-109; Utility Right of Way (ROW), Utility Companies and other users of the rights of way of the City of Sweeny must abide by this newly adopted ordinance.  Adopted 07/25/2022   
Applications & Instructions can be found below under applications.
Contractors are required to register and submit the Utility ROW application with a letter request and plans for a pre-construction meeting prior to work being commenced in the Cities ROW.  
Utility ROW Application Instructions

Ord. 22-108; Civil Work, including Flatwork, Driveways, Parking Spaces/lots, Flatwork, Dirt Moving, Caliche, Asphalting, or Concrete; Adopted 06/21/2022
**No permit shall be required for work done by a resident on his residential property if the project is under 1000 square feet in size. 


The City of Sweeny Does NOT endorse contractors.  These listed have simply registered and submitted the required documentation to work in the City of Sweeny.   Property owners are recommended to check references before selecting a contractor.  Property owners should confirm their hired contractor has pulled a permit prior to work commencing.
Contractors information is what was provided to us upon registration.  REGISTERED CONTRACTORS LIST

Notice to Contractors:  You must haul off all building materials or contract a Roll Off Disposal Dumpster.  Our trash company does not pick up building materials without a scheduled and paid pickup or roll off.   Contractors Registration

The City of Sweeny does not have the authority to enforce deed restrictions.  Identify any property specific information such as deed restrictions or restrictive covenants on the property prior to applying for permits.  The applicant is responsible for any conflicts between property specific information and the request for the proposed development.  

The city does not shoot elevations.  You must contact an independent surveyor.  For more information regarding elevations, and FEMA, please use the below links.   For more Drainage District information, please see below under DRAINAGE DISTRICT. 
Flood Hazard Prevention Chapter 153; City Ordinance
FEMA Flood Map Service Center | Welcome!
FEMA's Estimated Base Flood Elevation (BFE) Viewer (
Emergency Preparation | Texas Flood
Flood Hazard Mapping Updates (
Find Your Home's Flood Risk | Flood Factor

Please use the MyGov Portal to apply for any ANNUAL FIRE INSPECTIONS.  More details are below under FIRE.


City permits are obtained through City Hall.  City Hall is open Mon-Thurs 8:30am-4:30pm and Fri 8 am- 12p (noon). 
Physical Address: 102 W. Ashley Wilson Road, Sweeny, Texas
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 248, Sweeny, Texas, 77480
Phone: (979) 548-3321
FAX: (979) 548-7745
For help and information regarding contractor registrations, permits, inspections, and/or zoning regulations/locations, please contact Kaydi Smith at (979) 548-3321 or via e-mail at

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Document Center

The Document Center provides easy access to public documents. Click on one of the categories below to see related documents or use the search function.

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Contractors Registration1 document

  • Contractors Registration Application
    document date 02-09-2021
    Registrations are a one time fee of $25.00.  General Liability Insurance minimum $300,000.00, State License (if applicable), and Copy of Drivers License MUST accompany all applications.  Please email or bring this form filled out to City Hall.  Plumbers, Electricians, & Mechanical Contractor registration fees are waived per the State of Texas.

Permits & Applications26 documents

  • Building Move Permit Application
    document date 02-08-2021
  • Commercial Building Permit Application
    document date 02-08-2021
  • Culvert Permit Application
    document date 02-08-2021
  • Building Permit- ELECTRICAL Application
    document date 02-08-2021
  • Electrical Reconnect Permit Application
    document date 02-08-2021
  • Fence Permit
    document date 02-08-2021
  • Building Permit- MECHANICAL
    document date 02-08-2021
    Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (HVAC)
  • Manufactured Home Permit Application
    document date 02-08-2021
  • Peddler and Solicitor Permit Application
    document date 02-08-2021
  • Plumbing Permit Application
    document date 02-08-2021
  • Residential Building Permit Application
    document date 02-08-2021
    New Construction, Storage Buildings, Additions, Roofs, Pools, Porches, Etc.
  • Residential Certificate of Occupancy Application
    document date 02-08-2021
  • Right-of-Way User Registration Form
    document date 02-08-2021
  • RV Park Permit Application
    document date 02-08-2021
  • Sign Permit Application
    document date 02-08-2021
  • Small Cell Permit Application
    document date 02-08-2021
  • Tree Cutting/Removal Permit Application
    document date 02-08-2021
  • Commercial Certificate of Occupancy Application
    document date 02-09-2021
  • Temporary Mobile Food Unit
    document date 02-09-2021
    24 Hour Permit - **Must Include City Fire Marshal Inspection
  • Permanent Food Unit Annual Registration
    document date 02-09-2021
    Permanent Mobile Food Vendor Registration ** Must include Annual City Fire Marshal Inspection
  • Residential Building Permit- DEMOLITION
    document date 09-07-2021
    Residential Demolition Permit
  • Civil Work Permit Application
    document date 07-14-2022
    Driveways, Flatwork, Caliche, Dirt Work, Asphalt, Concrete
  • Utility ROW Permit Application
    document date 08-01-2022
    Utility Right of Way Permit Application and Information
  • Utility ROW Instructions
    document date 08-03-2022
    Information & Instructions for Utility ROW projected construction
  • Film Friendly Guidelines & Permits
    document date 05-01-2023
    Film Friendly Criteria for Film Productions

Building Guidelines3 documents

  • Guidelines – Remodeled or Change in Occupancy
    document date none
  • Guidelines – Residential New Builds/Renovations Packet
    document date 02-09-2021
  • Guidelines – Commercial New Builds/Renovations Packet 
    document date 02-09-2021

Fire Information5 documents

  • Fire Permit Application
    document date 02-09-2021
    Must Accompany any Plans Submitted
  • Fire Inspection Request Instructions
    document date 02-09-2021
    Instructions for MyGov Requests including Annual, Daycare, School Inspections
  • Fire Contractor Packet/ Information
    document date 02-09-2021
    Information required for Plan Submittal
  • Fire Marshal Plan Process Summary
    document date 02-09-2021
  • Food Vendor Annual Inspection Information
    document date 02-09-2021
    ** Must register on MYGOV For Mobile and/or Temporary Food Vendors

Issued Permits4 documents

  • March2023.pdf
    document date 04-11-2023
  • March 2023 Totals
    document date 04-11-2023
  • April 2023
    document date 05-02-2023
  • April 2023 Totals
    document date 05-02-2023

Planning & Zoning5 documents

  • Zoning Ordinance
    document date 01-20-2021
  • Zoning Application
    document date 01-20-2021
    Application for Zoning Change, Planning and Zoning Variances, Special Exceptions, and RePlats
  • Zoning and Replat Guidelines
    document date 01-20-2021
    Guidelines, Instructions, and Required Supporting Documentation when filing a Zoning Application
  • Zoning Ordinance Amendment/Addition; Section 110-76 (16)
    document date 01-20-2021
    R2 Permitted Uses in a C1 zone;  approved 12/15/2020
  • Re-platting Agenda Request
    document date 01-21-2021
    Re-platting ONLY- Agenda Request * Must Accompany Re-plat Requests

Maps6 documents

  • Fire Hydrant Map (2019)
    document date none
  • Zoning Map
    document date 03-22-2021
  • City Limits and ETJ Map (2019)
    document date 03-23-2021
  • Zoning Map- Industrial Park
    document date 03-23-2021
    document date 06-23-2021
    FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Map
  • City of Sweeny Street Map
    document date 03-24-2022

Drainage District Information4 documents

  • Drainage District County Map
    document date 08-24-2021
    County Map Jurisdictions
  • Drainage District Website
    document date 03-24-2022
    Please see West Brazoria Drainage District 11; Section 1 under Director John Richers for more information
  • Drainage District 11 Manual
    document date 05-11-2022
    Drainage District 11 Criteria Manual- Updated 2019
  • Contact Information
    document date 06-02-2022
    Contacts and Submittal Information-- ** All Commercial New Builds MUST submit plans to WBDD#11;Section 1