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Water Improvement Project

July 2023 Update:
The 2019 Bond Issued Water Improvements project contract between the City of Sweeny and Texas Pride Utilities, Inc., was terminated prior to the beginning construction work on final leg of the project which encompassed replacement of the water main line along Main Street in the original scope of work. City officials decided to terminate the contract, acknowledging project overruns and recognizing a need to assess more urgent water and/or wastewater projects consistent with the bond covenants. Currently, there is approximately $1.2 million remaining in water and wastewater project bond funds. The City Engineer is currently exploring the feasibility of alternative projects such as overhauling and modernizing the water distribution system with a reverse osmosis system that would remove undesirable substances such as iron, manganese, and hardness. Alternative project options will be discussed at the City Council meeting on August 15, 2023.

Project Overrun:
The water improvement project substantial completion date was anticipated for December of 2021, however, the City recognizes the project is well past the project's substantial completion date  When the contractor began construction work, cross connections were completed throughout all phases of the project. In 2022, City Council directed the contractor to fully close out one phase before beginning work in subsequent phases for more consistent oversight of project completion. Regardless of changes in the economy, resource availability, or other challenges often experienced in construction, the City staff and officials are committed to delivering this project as quickly and efficiently as possible.

February 2023 Update:

Texas Pride has been working on tying in cross streets along Hackberry Street (Phase 1). The remaining tie-in along Hackberry Street is the N. Hackberry water tower connection. Road restoration along Hackberry will begin this month. After Hackberry is complete, Texas Pride will start tying in cross streets along 2nd Street (Phase 2). Kent Street, part of Hackberry Street, and Ashley Wilson Road from Texas Avenue to Burnett Street have completed excavation activities but are not completely finalized. After all sections listed above are completed, Texas Pride will begin construction along Main Street (Phase31). Construction will occur from Avenue A to Ashley Wilson Road. Azalea Street, Camellia Block, and Forest Park Court (Phase 4) were completed and closed out in December 2022.

5/4/2022 Update
Phases I, II, and IV are all still underway. Phase I is approximately 90% complete with most residents crossed over to the new system. Phase II is approximately 70% complete with residents also crossed over. Phase IV is currently under testing and when those results are clear, crews will begin crossing these services over. Once all residents have been crossed over in these 3 phases, the old lines will be abandoned in place and these areas will be complete. Once this is done, Phase III, which is the Main St. portion of the project will begin. We appreciate your patience on this project and look forward to having it complete and moving our infrastructure forward.

8/31/2021 Update
The water project continues to move forward with some minor delays over the last few months. Currently pressure testing of the new lines as well as lab sampling Bac-T tests are being performed in Phases I and II. As of now, these have all been successful and we hope to begin transferring services over soon. We have begun Phase IV into San Bernard Villas however Phase III, which will be Main St. and the final section of 2nd St. are still on hold due to TXDOT permits.

We will be providing notice upon service transfers when those begin both by social media and our mass notification system.

6/10/2021 Update
The water improvement project is currently in all 4 phases, which is a different approach than what was previously discussed and planned with the contractors. However, permitting issues with TXDOT for both 2nd St. and Main St. has caused us to change our plan some to stay on track and continue moving forward. Phases 1 and 2 had slight variations to the layout of the piping but nothing of major consequence. The portion of Phase 4 from Main St. to Forest Park Court was modified to lay the pipe on the south side of Ashley Wilson versus the north side due to high pressure gas lines from Hilcorp as well as municipal water, sewer and gas lines.

As most of you are aware we have had what seems like an entire month of rain in May. Very little work has been done to progress this project since May 1st but we are hopeful for some dry weather to be able to continue this project going forward. Early delays and disruptions that the City was plagued with have been greatly reduced and we hope to limit if not eliminate these disruptions as we continue moving forward on the project.

2/1/2021 Update

As you can see from the map, Phase 1 will be a portion of East Ashley Wilson, Kent St. and Hackberry. Since Friday of last week (01/29/2021) you may have noticed flagging and staking, this is being performed by the Engineering and Construction companies.
Additionally, please note that the only disruption to service, pending any major discovers during installation, will be at the end of each phase upon tying in the service lines (your home) to the newly installed distribution lines. The City will be notified with a timeline of this and then we will contact the residents as needed. The disruption should be very minimal and our hope is to provide every effort possible to give ample notice. Of course, please remember to contact City Hall with any questions you may have.

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